Physiotherapists at Geneva

The Cabinet Physiothérapie Cornavin welcomes you at the Geneva Cornavin train station in a dynamic environment accessible to handicapped patients.

Rue des Gares 9
1201 Genève

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Monday – Friday – 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
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Movement is life

This is one of the great principles of Andrew Taylor Still,
founder of the osteopathic approach.

What does it mean?

As long as the mechanics of the body are free and every part of the body is provided with movement of good amplitude and quality, then blood, lymph and nerve information can flow freely and do their work.

Questions about physiotherapy?

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a medical discipline based on movement. It aims to reduce pain, increase joint range of motion and restore the patient’s balance when needed.

It allows a health care professional to take charge of the patient and listen to his or her expectations and do the maximum with the means available to achieve the objectives.

One of the main reasons that leads the patient to consult a physiotherapist is pain.

The Cabinet de Physiothérapie Cornavin favours the manual approach and exercises to improve the physical condition of patients in the long term.

Who is physiotherapy for?

Physiotherapy is for anyone with physical problems, from infants to the elderly.

In general, 9 sessions are initially prescribed. They are reimbursed on a 30-minute basis per session. LaMal reimburses up to 36 sessions per year in case of chronic pathology, and without limit following an accident.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps rebalance the different energies in the body that can be blocked due to a mechanical or functional problem causing pain and loss of mobility.

Our physiotherapists will help reduce pain, improve the body’s daily functions: mobility, flexibility, muscular strength, stability, but also treat headaches, improve respiratory functions or the lymphatic system by draining excess fluid from the body.

How does the first appointment with my physiotherapist work?

Thanks to active listening and complete auscultation, your physiotherapist defines with you the objectives to be achieved for your well-being according to your pathology: reduction of pain and improvement of body functions. He takes the time to explain to you the type of manipulation he will perform during the sessions.

It is important to come with a medical prescription if you have one and any document that will help refine the diagnosis: blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.

In general, plan to wear comfortable clothing such as sportswear during your sessions.

This first assessment appointment lasts 30 minutes.

What is the average duration of a physiotherapy session?

The average duration of a physiotherapy session is 30 minutes.

However, sessions of 45 minutes or one hour may be offered depending on the patient’s condition and pathology.

Do I need a medical prescription for physiotherapy treatment?

Certain complementary health care providers cover physiotherapy treatments. It is important to ask your complementary health insurance company for details on how your physiotherapy sessions are covered.

Find here the tariffs charged by the Cabinet de Physiothérapie Cornavin.

Will I be reimbursed by my health insurance for my physiotherapy treatment?

In order for your physiotherapy sessions to be reimbursed by Lamal, it is imperative to bring a medical prescription to the first appointment.

This prescription can be issued by your general practitioner or any specialist (neurologist, cardiologist, orthopaedist, …).

In general, 9 sessions are initially prescribed. They are reimbursed on a 30 minute basis per session. Lamal reimburses up to 36 sessions per year in the event of chronic pathology, and without limit in the event of hospitalisation following an accident.

To find out the basis for reimbursement of physiotherapy sessions by LaMal, click here.

Are physiotherapy treatments painful?

Our patients are at the heart of the treatment. Each technique, manipulation or exercise is carried out by listening and exchanging. In case of discomfort, the physiotherapist adapts the therapeutic gesture.

Our physiotherapists can use complementary disciplines such as osteopathy for an approach that is as painless as possible.

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A personalized approach

We favour a personalised approach, based on an active listening of your needs and objectives. Our skills and experience as a physiotherapist allow us to provide quality treatments adapted to each age and pathology.

Our treatments are based primarily on manual techniques and exercises defined in agreement with the patient for long-term beneficial effects.

Physiotherapy at home

We will come to your home, in a geographical area between the Cornavin station and Plainpalais, if you are unable to come to the office.


Our physiotherapy practice is accessible to people with reduced mobility (wheelchair, walker, with crutches): access ramp, elevator.


Physiothérapie Cornavin can adapt the duration of its sessions according to the needs of the patients: 30mn, 45 mn or 1 hour according to the pathologies.


We work professionally, giving priority to a global management of the patient, without limiting ourselves to the localized treatment of the pathology.


Every patient is unique. It is only by taking the time to listen to them that it is possible to treat them. Because we want the best for their well-being, we are committed to developing a close relationship.


The patient is cared for by his or her assigned physiotherapist throughout the treatment. A true partnership is necessary so that each patient becomes the actor of his or her own healing by following the advice and exercises at home.




We are committed to your well-being with availability, attentiveness and expertise.

“Little by little, my joint pains from osteoarthritis have diminished. With the manual treatments and exercises to follow at home, the care of physiotherapist Timothée Thibaut has allowed me to gain confidence when I go outdoors and in comfort because I no longer suffer from knee pain during walking.”

Pascal, retired, 80 years old

“During a championship, I dislocated my right collarbone. Patrick Baranowski, my physio got me back on my feet in a few sessions. What’s interesting is that he also knows about osteopathy, an approach he uses to complement physiotherapy.”

Rémy, judoka, 25 years old

“There’s nothing more stressful than seeing your baby not breathing properly! Lea suffered from bronchiolitis. Timothée Thibaut was able to relieve her by helping her to free her bronchial tubes with great gentleness and patience. He knows how to take time with babies and make them feel confident.”

Karine, mother of Léa, 6 months old

“I have been suffering for years from rheumatoid arthritis with severe damage to my right knee. I’ve gone through all the medications, heavy treatments, infiltrations. Patrick Baranowski took care of me for 18 sessions. He managed to reduce the oedema in my knee, the pain, and to rebuild my thigh through specific exercises. I also gained in mobility”

Sylvie, journalist, 51 years old

“My job is hard work because it requires a lot of physical strain. After years of work, I started having back pain. Things got worse. After consulting the doctor and taking X-rays, I went to see a physiotherapist at the Physiotherapy Office in Cornavin. Patrick Baranowski treated me to relieve my pain.”

François, forklift operator, 45 years old