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Physiothérapie Cornavin

The Cabinet Physiothérapie Cornavin welcomes you at the Geneva Cornavin train station in a dynamic environment accessible to handicapped patients.

Rue des Gares 9
1201 Genève

Opening hours

Monday – Friday – 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday — Closed



Ensuring the well-being of each patient is first and foremost a matter of partnership and trust


Timothée Thibaut


I am passionate about my profession because each patient is unique and has healing abilities which vary according to their state of health and age. By stimulating these autonomous forces of the body, the caregiver can help the patient regain his or her state of health. By combining physiotherapy with the osteopathic approach, I have a broader understanding of how the body works and its limitations that can cause pain when they are exceeded. I don’t stop at the affected area, I go up the dysfunctional chain to try to treat the origin of the problem.


Timothée Thibaut graduated as a physiotherapist in July 2014 in Germany at the PSO Ortenau in Eckartsweier. The latter was ranked second best in the country in terms of requirements and results after Berlin.

Timothée Thibaut then began his professional activity as a physiotherapist with 2 years of experience in the Swiss Jura (Saignelégier). From 2016, he worked in a physiotherapy practice in Nyon and then, during 2017, in Geneva Pâquis. Since October 2018, Mr. Timothée Thibaut has been working as a physiotherapist at the Georges-Favon Medical Centre.

In addition to his training in physiotherapy, Timothée Thibaut has followed further training in the following areas in particular:

  • Foot reflexology
  • Kinesio-taping
  • As well as the cranio-sacral approach during the year 2014-2015

This last training, spread over 5 seminars, encouraged him to deepen his knowledge of the human body and its functioning and to broaden his horizons. In order to train as an osteopath, Mr. Timothée Thibaut then began in September 2016 a 5-year professional training course at the Andrew Taylor Still Academy (ATSA) Andrew Taylor Still Academy School of Osteopathy. This school located in Lyon is accredited by the Ministry of Health.

Timothée Thibaut is currently in his 3rd year and these regular courses (4 to 5 days per month) give him a therapeutic approach complementary to the care he provides on a daily basis in his work as a physiotherapist.

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An expertise, attentive to your needs


Patrick Baranowski


My motivation? The helping relationship with others, when a person gets better and no longer suffers thanks to my treatment, the recognition and gratitude they can express are priceless.
The human body is the most incredible of machines, capable of self-healing when balance is reached again. I am currently in continuous osteopathic training and since 2015, I have been integrating osteopathic reasoning into physiotherapy treatments in order to achieve the best possible results.


Physiotherapist since 2014 ( PSO Ortenau, Eckartsweier – DE )

Holder of the PSE Ortenau diploma, in Eckartsweier in 2014, Patrick Baranowski began his career as a physiotherapist as an employee at the Tunnel physiotherapy practice in Moutier in 2015. He continued his practice in 2016 at the Centre de Physiothérapie Santé in Delémont, then in 2018 at the Kreig Physiotherapy Centre in Geneva. Since 2019, he has been working as an independent physiotherapist at the Physiothérapie Santé Paquis practice in Geneva.

He has also trained in other disciplines complementary to physiotherapy, such as Kinesiotaping (level 1 and 2) and continuing education in osteopathy. Currently in his 5th year IAO, Patrick Baranowski will obtain his osteopathic diploma in September 2020.

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