Foot reflexology to rebalance the energy of the body

Foot reflexology is a technique that comes from Chinese medicine. It has been used for centuries. This gentle therapy is based on the principle that the foot is the mirror of the body and its organs.


To rebalance the tensions of the body

Through the stimulation of compression points located on reflex zones of the foot or on the toes, plantar reflexology makes it possible to reduce excess tension in the body or, on the contrary, to strengthen it.
It acts on the organs, muscles or skeleton.

If pain is felt during the manipulation, the therapist can go back to the source of the problem by identifying the affected organ, muscle or bone structure. This is a very useful technique to confirm or deny an initial diagnosis.


Better patient management

The Physiothérapie Cornavin practice uses this technique as a complement to traditional physiotherapy treatments for a better care of the patient as a whole.