Neurological physiotherapy for chronic or transient nervous disorders


Stroke and Parkinson’s disease

Neurological physiotherapy contributes to the well-being of people with Parkinson’s disease or stroke. It improves their motor skills and balance.


Damage to peripheral nerves, neuralgia, etc.

It also treats peripheral neurological problems: muscle paralysis, nerve compression, paresthesias, tingling sensations or cardboard skin. It also helps limit pain caused by neuralgia or algae such as migraines.


The contribution of the KABAT method to restore the strength of weakened muscles

The physiotherapists in our practice use the KABAT method, which restores the transmission between nerves and muscles. Manual technique and exercises create a synergy between the strongest and weakest muscles via the nerves that connect them to strengthen weakened muscles.

Through a series of exercises, the patient learns how to use the strength of healthy muscles to stimulate weakened muscles in the periphery.