Respiratory physiotherapy to help the patient breathe better

Respiratory physiotherapy uses manual techniques to maintain or improve the respiratory capacity of patients suffering from upper or lower tract pathologies such as bronchitis, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. It is also used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Freeing the patient from congestion

The physiotherapist intervenes to free the ribs, chest and congestion in the bronchial tubes and lungs. Using manual techniques and breathing in and out exercises, she improves the person’s breathing parameters: better oxygen saturation, deeper breathing ranges.

Effective against certain migraines

Respiratory physiotherapy is also useful in the treatment of migraine headaches and ultimately allows for a reduction in medication.

Baby Bronchiolitis

Respiratory physiotherapy relieves the baby suffering from bronchiolitis by helping him/her to expectotariff what is clogging his/her bronchial tubes by specific manipulations in the chest.