Orthopaedic physiotherapy to treat musculoskeletal disorders

Orthopaedic physiotherapy treats all dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. This therapy is essential to define the origin of the patient’s pain and reduce the stress that acts on the structure through a series of manipulations.

The origin of this stress can come from an injury to a ligament, a tendon, a muscle, a bone, a joint but also from a visceral, nervous or respiratory problem.


A global treatment of the body

The body functions as a complex and global system. Did you know that a dysfunction of an organ can affect the spine and cause back pain? This is why orthopaedic physiotherapy is a medical approach to the body as a whole..

Your physiotherapist will notice localized pain but will not just treat the affected area. He looks for the causes and effects of this pain and, depending on his diagnosis, he will treat different parts of the body in connection with the painful condition.

The role of your physiotherapist is to help your body regain its functional balance, restore mobility to the affected limb and reduce pain.


The preferred manual approach

The Physiothérapie Cornavin practice favours the manual technique to work in depth on the tensions and dysfunctions of the body. Our physiotherapists do not use technical equipment such as ultrasounds because their impact does not last. They provide temporary relief to the patient without resolving the underlying problem.